A warm Thank You to the Andela Learning Community

A warm Thank You to the Andela Learning Community

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Ferdinand Bada
·Jul 13, 2020·

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It feels like so long ago but it is barely a year since I was fumbling around with android code. When I started out the Android development journey, naturally, I turned to Google for inspiration. Everyone suggested that I learn Java, which is precisely what I did. I went almost through the entire Java documentation. Several if/else statements, I was even more CONFUSED because I was not making any android app, LOL. Amidst that time, I somehow managed to stumble upon Android Studio and what it could do. In my excitement, I quickly downloaded it only to be confronted by extremely long builds and lags. They say 4GB is enough but it is not worth it if you do not enjoy android programming. This just means you need at least 8GB on your PC to enjoy the process. So I had to save up for three months and managed to get a better PC with 12GB RAM and a dedicated 4GB Nvidia graphics card and suddenly the process was more enjoyable. Around this time, early last year, ALC came knocking and I promptly applied. Almost one year later, this is me saying thank you for all the learning opportunities and making it to the second phase of the Grow With Google program with Andela and Pluralsight. I was among the 30K selected people out of the 120K applicants from all over Africa. Because of ALC, I have been able to accomplish the following so far.

Proficient Android programmer


I am now past the stage where I write simple for loops for a Quiz App. Through the program and the learning resources, I can now write clean and efficient code that is production ready. I can work seamlessly with the latest technology like the new Android Architecture Components to build robust and scalable apps. In fact, I have recently published my app on the Google Playstore with these tools. Granted, there is work to be done yet for caching the data and that is soon going to be done in a not-so-far update. I have also integrated libraries like Retrofit 2 and Picasso for robust and concise code. The me from a year ago would balk at all the code I have written in that app. I am also thinking of ways to improve my coding skills into other technologies.

My first Google IO


Towards the conclusion of ALC 3.0, around March this year, I got a surprise email from Google. As part of one of the outstanding members of the program, I had been selected for a fully paid trip to Google IO that happened in May in San Francisco. For a relatively new programmer, this was massive news to me. It even got better because that was also the night that Manchester United beat PSG in the Champions League, LOL. It does not get any better than Google IO and watching Chet Haase and Romain Guy joke about Android Q. You also get to meet up with developers from all over the world and share ideas while having the time of your life. However, since I am from a tropical country, it was rather cold but that was something I barely noticed because of all the fun. Put it this way, that is not going to be my last IO.

Learning Community Ambassador (LCA) volunteering


There are better things to come for me and everyone dedicated to the program, I am sure. I put in the time and the certification is simply one of the fabulous things that will come my way. All I need is simply put in the time and get the skills. You can connect with me on Twitter here or you can follow me on LinkedIn . This is my GitHub . Let us come together and make greater things happen as we make our futures. Much :> from me.

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